AE插件:AE特殊编码加速输出渲染插件AfterCodecs 1.2CE




AfterCodecs 这款编码输出插件,就可以支持输出 H264,H265 和 ProRes 这些编码,



Native exporter for AE bringing you ProRes on Windows and h264 (x264 and x265) codecs for excellent quality and lightweight videos.




ProRes : 422 LT / Proxy / Normal / HQ (10 bit) and even 4444 that supports Alpha Channel.

x264 : best H264 / AVC implementation, outperforming both Adobe Media Encoder and QuickTime H264.

x265 : files are 30% lighter than x264 and it also supports 8K resolution.

x264 RGB : same as x264 but avoids YUV colorspace, best for storing separate channels in one video (UV map, Alphas…) for power users only.

HAP GPU accelerated codecs : Hap, Hap Alpha and Hap Q, you can choose if you want to compress frames and how many chunks you need.

【1.2.0 更新内容】

1.2.0  (Current version)  –  Sep 18, 2017

* Now macOS OS X compatible!
* Two new plugins in the dropdown : “AfterCodecs .mp4” and “AfterCodecs .mov”. There’s no more .ext and file renaming stuff (Removed the “Overwriting” options in Settings because not needed anymore)
* You can choose ProRes 4444 Alpha depth now : 16 bits or 8 bits (smaller files, faster decompression)
* Enabled lossless for x265 (same as x264 : 99 for 422, 100 for 444)
* AfterCodecs will warn you if the width or the height are odd instead of displaying the generic error popup
* 2 New shortcuts : ESC to exit AfterCodecs dialog, Shift+ESC to reposition it in the top left corner (use theses shortcuts if you have trouble with multiple screens for example)
* ProRes 422 Bitrate matches more closely official Apple ProRes bitrate than before, and are now re importable back into AE on OSX
* Slight color shifts in ProRes has been mostly corrected
* Items in previous projects that uses AfterCodecs won’t be compatible with the new version, you’ll have to reconfigure them !
* Windows : ProRes 4444 8 bits Alpha cannot be re imported in AE 16 bpc projects
* OSX : ProRes 422 when re imported in AE CC 2014 and older have color shifts ! Everything is fine for CC 2015 and CC 2017
支持Win系统:After Effects CC 2014 – CC 2017
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