PS 2022 图像处理软件 Adobe Photoshop 2022 中英文破解版Win/Mac M1

PS 2022 图像处理软件 Adobe Photoshop 2022 中英文破解版Win/Mac M1



此主要的更新包括多个新增和改进的功能,例如改进的对象选择工具,其悬停功能可预览选择并轻易地为图像生产蒙版;互操作性重大提升,将内容粘贴到 Photoshop 时可用 Illustrator;分享文件以收集和查看反

馈;新增 Neural Filters 以改变和创建新风景;协调图层光线、转移颜色等;增强的国际语言支持提升了文本引擎;Apple XDR 显示器支持;提升的渐变显示;油画滤镜更快;增强的 GPU 支持;增强的导出为预


This major update includes many new and improved features, including the improved Object Selection Tool with hover to preview selections and easily generate masks for your image, major improvements

interoperability with Illustrator when pasting content into Photoshop, ability to share files to collect and view feedback, all new Neural Filters to change and create new landscapes, harmonize layer lighting and

transfer colors and more, improved text engine with enhanced international language support, Apple XDR monitor support, improved gradient display, a faster Oil Paint filter, enhanced GPU support, improved

Export As previews, better color management, many bug fixes, improvements to stability and more.



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